CircleCI is a CI/CD platform that lets teams build and deliver software, quickly and at scale,
in the cloud, or on your own infrastructure. CircleCI Orbs are open-source, shareable packages of parameterizable reusable configuration elements, including jobs, commands, and executors.

Deepfactor’s CircleCI Orb integrated Deepfactor into your CI/CD pipeline to identify runtime security, privacy, and compliance risks in your application without changing a single line of code. 

Deepfactor integrates into a CircleCI pipeline as follows:

  1. Build: use CircleCI to build the app
  2. Scan: scan using your SAST/SCA/Container image scanning tools for static visibility
  3. Test: turn on your automated tests
  4. Observe: run your app with Deepfactor for runtime visibility
  5. Deploy: use CD to deploy the app

For complete installation instructions, please visit the Deepfactor Orb installation guide here. You can also find Deepfactor Orb installation instructions and code on GitHub.

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