Deepfactor integrates with Okta so you can manage access to the Deepfactor portal through Okta.

Please follow the below steps to configure authorization for Deepfactor using Okta Single Sign-on flow:

  • Log in to your Okta admin portal. Navigate to Applications from the left sidebar and click on ‘Create App Integration’.


  • Fill in the app details. Please use the following values for sign-in and sign-out redirect URIs
    Sign-in redirect URIs: https://{deepfactor-portal-hostname}/okta/authorization-code/callback
    Sign-out redirect URIs: https://{deepfactor-portal-hostname}


  • Once you create the app, you will get the Client ID and Client secret. Copy these details as you will need to enter these in the Deepfactor portal.


  • Add users to this newly created application so users can login to Deepfactor.


  • Login to the Deepfactor portal. Navigate to Integrations → Identity Provider. Click on Configure okta and enter the details obtained from the previous steps.
Okta issuer URI will depend upon your okta account. 
API access management Auth server URL
Disabled NA https://<okta_domain>/oauth2
Enabled default https://<okta_domain>/oauth2/default
Enabled Custom https://<okta_domain>/oauth2/<authorization_server_id>
  • Once Okta is integrated, you will see the ‘Sign In with Okta’ button on the Deepfactor portal login screen. You can click on this button and log in to Deepfactor portal using your okta sign-on.

If login is failing, you can login to the Deepfactor portal with your email and password and verify that the details provided in the configure okta screen are correct. 


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