Updating your Deepfactor Portal

At Deepfactor, we regularly release new features and enhancements to our offering. It is recommended to keep your portal up to date. This article outlines the steps needed to upgrade your Deepfactor Portal.

When a Deepfactor Portal update is available, you will see the bell icon with a number at the top right of the Deepfactor Portal UI. When you click this, you will see the message that an upgrade is available.



When you click on this notification, you will be navigated to the Admin Settings → Software Update page. On this page, you will see the currently installed and the latest available version. Please click on ‘Upgrade Now’ to start the upgrade process. Please note, this process can take up to 15 minutes and during this process, telemetry from your components running with Deepfactor will be lost. We recommend you restart your components once the upgrade completes. You can also click on ‘Read Release Notes’ to view the features/enhancements added to our releases.




Updating Deepfactor Portal Using Helm

If you installed the Deepfactor portal using helm charts you may upgrade the portal with helm commands documented below.

Login to a machine that has

  1. kubectl installed

  2. helm installed

  3. kube-config is installed for the Kubernetes cluster on which Deepfactor portal is installed.

Run the following commands

$ > helm repo add deepfactor https://static.deepfactor.io/helm-charts
$ > helm repo update
$ > helm upgrade df-stable deepfactor/deepfactor -f override.yaml --set dfstartup.enabled=false --namespace=deepfactor


  • df-stable is the release name specified when you installed the Deepfactor helm charts.
  • override.yaml is the path to the override parameters yaml file you specified during installation.

Please note, that the latest Deepfactor portal images will be pulled and pods will be restarted during this process causing a small downtime. During this period, telemetry from your application components running with Deepfactor will be lost.

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