Creating Multiple Environments

Deepfactor can be turned ON for your application, in one or more environments. For example, a typical application might have a “dev” environment for developer builds, “staging” environment for pre-prod testing and “prod” environment for production deployments.

You can create and manage a custom list of environments in which your application typically runs, by clicking on the top right (three dots) of the application tile in the main dashboard and ‘Manage Environments.’

When running your Deepfactor instrumented app components, you can specify the environment by exporting an environment token. If no environment token is specified, the telemetry is associated with the ‘Default’ environment. 

All metrics of the application running in an environment will be associated with that environment and you can view the application’s behavior in each environment independent from the other. This gives you great flexibility to assign users access controls and also analyze metrics per environment. 



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