Run your Kubernetes workload with Deepfactor


Deepfactor provides a mutating admission webhook to seamlessly run your K8s workloads with Deepfactor. If you would like to read more about the mutating admission webhook, you can refer to the following Kubernetes documentation article.

Mutating Admission Webhook K8s Documentation

Deepfactor admission webhook controller works with K8s v1.19 and up


Install Deepfactor Mutating Admission Webhook

Deepfactor's mutating admission controller webhook can be deployed using helm charts. Detailed instructions can be found at Install Deepfactor Mutating Webhook


Configuring Mutating Admission Webhook

The webhook can be configured with a list of namespaces along with defaults parameters per namespace. Each of these defaults can be overridden using specific annotations in pod specs. A detailed description of the webhook configs and annotations can be found at How To Configure Deepfactor Mutating Webhook



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