Run containers in ECS with Deepfactor

Deepfactor provides various ways of running your applications with Deepfactor. In the case of container orchestration tools like ECS, where you do not have control over launching your containers, we provide a way for you to build Deepfactor enabled container images from your original images. 

The following procedure describes how to create such containers

Adding Deepfactor to your container image

Once you create Deepfactor enabled container images, please use them in your ECS task definition.

Another requirement is that the ECS container is able to send telemetry data to ports 443 and 13443 [1] of the Deepfactor portal, so routing and firewall ACLs need to be considered.

[1] - Port 13443 is only required when the portal override enables proxy scansdfwebscan:

enableProxiedScans: true
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