Troubleshooting your Deepfactor Portal

If you are facing issues with your portal, you can follow the below steps to diagnose the issue

  1. Check the status of services by visiting Admin Settings → Service Status on your portal UI. If any of the services are down, further debugging is needed

  2. Create a diagnostic tarball. We provide a useful utility called portalctl which among other actions, creates a diagnostic tarball which the Deepfactor team can use to debug the issue you are facing. The steps to generate the diagnostic tarball are outlined below.


  • You will need to run these commands on a machine that has kubectl package and kube config for your K8s cluster installed. In case kube config is not loaded, please set KUBE_CONFIG_PATH environment using export KUBE_CONFIG_PATH=<kube-config-file-path>.
  • For OVA / AMI deployments, please SSH into the portal machine and run the following commands.
# download portalctl
# change permissions
chmod +x portalctl 

portalctl diagnosticreport <namespace>
#where <namespace> is the namespace in which DeepFactor portal is deployed
#For OVA/AMI deployments namespace is deepfactor

The above commands will generate a tarball and will print the location of the tarball. Please download this file and send it over to Deepfactor support to help us debug the issue you are facing.


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