Change default Web Scan TCP port (default 13443)

Currently, the default TCP port for Web Scans  is 13443. If you wish to change this port to another TCP port, please create (or add to) an override.yaml file as shown below.

In addition to changing the port, proxied scans with portal version greater than or equal to 3.0 require the dfwebscan.enableProxiedScans field set true. After editing the override.yaml file, you will need to execute a helm upgrade or helm install for the changes to take effect.

For example, to change the port to 11443, an override.yaml file such as the following can be used:

tcp: 11443: "{{ template \"deepfactor.nginxSvcName\" .}}:11443" nginx: service: proxyPort: 11443

enableProxiedScans: true
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