Create self-signed certificate for Deepfactor Portal on your K8s cluster

Deepfactor portal requires a TLS certificate to encrypt traffic between the portal and your applications running with Deepfactor enabled. This articles describes the steps needed to generate a self signed certificate using helper scripts provided by Deepfactor.

1. Download the required helper scripts from Deepfactor.

# create a directory for the files
mkdir deepfactor-certs

# change directory
cd deepfactor-certs/



2. Generate certificate

Navigate to the download directory and run the script with your preferred domain name as the argument to the script.

chmod +x
sudo ./ <DNS-of-your-portal>


3. Create deepfactor namespace

kubectl create ns deepfactor


4. Create Kubernetes secret from the certificates generated by the previous step.

# create new certificates secret
kubectl -n deepfactor create secret generic df-certs-ingress \
 --from-file=tls.crt=tls.crt --from-file=tls.key=tls.key \

Next steps

Continue installation of Deepfactor Portal using Helm 

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